recently acquired box sets

electronic body matrix 1

i’m still listening to this and hearing new stuff. 4 full-length cds and 40 extra songs available via download. i was a little worried as i have a bunch of stuff on this already, and comps always have some throwaway tracks on them, but the number of good new bands outweighed that in the end. some of my favorite standout tracks are:

  • llumen – cold in december (eternal winter mix)
  • – dansa (africana)
  • studio-x – body music
  • ascii.disko – jawbreaker

the llumen track is amazing – they had a remix on the new alien vampires bonus cd that i particularly enjoyed too; i’d really like to hear more. on alfa-matrix. {8/10}

studio-x – neo-futurism

hard pounding dance music. i like it. studio-x has found a formula that works (for them and the songs they remix) and they are sticking to it. there’s nothing really experimental or new about this album, but it’s still awesome to listen to, especially if i need to feel productive. totally in love with the track poison ivy. on alfa-matrix. {8/10}

komor kommando – oil, steel, & rhythm

the same thing could be said for sebastian komor of komor kommando – light on content, but heavy on beats. some of the tracks don’t seem quite as polished or maybe just thought out as well as others. it makes me wish he would bring in more of the offbeat experimental ideas he was trying out on the recent moonitor cd. still, {7/10}. on alfa-matrix.

electronic saviors 1

i know this isn’t new, but i just picked it up. 4 cds plus 16 extra downloadable tracks for $26 (half the price of the EBM box above). you’d be hard pressed to beat that. i understand there is discussion about a sequel – i hope they go for it, because this was a better than expected. i think i would give this a 7 musically, but am bumping it up to a {9/10} for being amazingly affordable.

on metropolis.


edge of dawn – stage fright

edge of dawn‘s new ep stage fright is further proof of listen-able music in the futurepop realm.

the one big disappointment for me on this was the rotersand remix of up (a cold case), which was far surpassed by the original. i’m typically a fan of rotersand‘s remix work, but it just wasn’t doing it for me here.

that said, the rest of this is excellent. cryo‘s remix of capsized is soft, but with a bite, and the renegade of noise remix of in your sleep is a perfect blend of the haujobb / edge of dawn sounds, with an undertone of the cure circa seventeen seconds. up (a cold case) and stage fright (splitter mix) are also favorites. {9/10}

caustic – 666 on the crucifix

go get it from [insert mp3 store of choice].

go on now, i’ll wait for you.

back? ok, good.

i love unicorns, kittens, and shit. that album was epic. but now i’m especially excited to hear the golden vagina of fame and profit, because the music has evolved amazingly well over the years.

the title track 666 on the crucifix reminds me in part of the dead kennedys. it’s funny, sarcastic, and you can just as easily bop along to it as bust out old-school on the dance floor. i like the original version better than the remixes, but the remix by be my enemy comes up close behind.

i’ve sort of been on a gothsicles kick lately, so of course i play computer (workman’s comp mix) – which features vocals by darkNES – has seen play multiple times already (since becoming available yesterday). there’s a cameo by ned, of stromkern, on chum the waters (null device mix), and the blank mix of lady business is probably my favorite version of that track.

its available as a digital-only single, so you can download it to your phone while you’re walking to work (as i did). hooray for technology! and caustic! {9/10}

angelspit (new and not-so-new)

when i first heard angelspit, a combichrist remix on a now-forgotten compilation, i thought “meh, another ayria clone”. i’m glad i gave them another listen, because i was so wrong. in general, i’ve been more impressed with their remixes than their original work (something that has always driven me a little nuts about ayria) but this seems to be changing.

i’m pretty much a fan of larva pupa tank coffin, their first set of remixes off the album hideous and perfect. and yesterday, the new remix ep, carbon beauty, arrived.

the first new track making money is arguably the best song on the ep. my other favorite tracks are hyperlust (tweaker remix), toxic girl, and princess chaos (metafakt remix) (although to be honest, i still like the remix of princess chaos from LPTC better). while not everything works on CB (and LPTC to a lesser extent), there’s a certain commitment to blending in new ideas and standing a little farther out on the limb that i’m enjoying. plenty of weird breaks, multi-layered vocal effects, and discordant powernoise stabs keep it interesting without being totally formulaic.

i heard that their recent tour, opening for lords of acid, was impressive, which makes me annoyed to have skipped that show.

other stand out tracks of theirs include sleep now (dave foreman remix), off LPTC (and my fave song of theirs), and grind (mangadrive remix) from mangadrive‘s self-released SP3 compilation (available as a free download at that link).

carbon beauty {7/10} and larva pupa tank coffin {6/10}.